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Jewish Community Activism

Kosher Food

It is well-known that we carry a full-line of dairy, pareve and fleishig items.

I am proud to report that we are now offering (as a result of our affiliation with Zucker’s Bakery) fresh baked goods to the community from the ONLY local source where the ba-al ha-bayis of the business is personally a Shomer Shabbos.

Some time ago, while Beacon Kosher was still in operation, a problem with the machinery arose, preventing the store from providing the reliable baked goods upon which so many depended. The ba-al ha-bayis of the store, a man well-known for being extremely machmir in the field of kashrus, wanted to find an acceptable way to meet his customers’ needs for baked goods, while not compromising standards. After consulting with the rav ha-machshir of the bakery (another individual whose standards for kashrus are most exacting), Reb Moshe was able to bring the Zucker Bakery line into his store. This is the SAME line of Zucker’s baked goods that we are making available to you today!

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