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  • ...Hasidic dynasty)|Breslov]], [[Chabad Lubavitch]], [[Ger (Hasidic dynasty)|Ger]], [[Karlin (Hasidic Dynasty)|Karlin]], [[Munkacz]], [[Puppa]], [[Satmar]] *The [[Israel ben Eliezer|Baal Shem Tov]] (18th century founder of Hasidism)
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  • members of this party are the followers of the [[Ger (Hasidic dynasty)|Ger]], [[Vizhnitz (Hasidic dynasty)|Vizhnitz]], [[Boston (Hasidic dynasty)|Bost ...akes its directions from the Hasidic [[rebbe]]s of [[Ger (Hasidic dynasty)|Ger]], [[Vizhnitz (Hasidic dynasty)|Vizhnitz]], [[Boston (Hasidic dynasty)|Bost
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  • ...[[Judaism|Jewish]] religious movement. Some refer to Hasidic Judaism as '''Hasidism''', and the adjective ''chasidic'' / ''hasidic'' (or in [[Yiddish]] חסי ...'Ba'al Shem Tov'' set out to improve the situation. In its initial stages, Hasidism met with opposition from several contemporary leaders, most notably the [[V
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  • ...llowing the deaths of their rebbes. [[Belz]], like [[Ger (Hasidic dynasty)|Ger]] and [[Satmar]], was comparatively fortunate in that its leadership remain ...f Mezeritch, the primary disciple of the [[Baal Shem Tov]], the founder of Hasidism.
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  • ...argest and most important hasidic group in Poland and possibly the largest hasidism in the world. It is now based in [[Jerusalem]]. The [[rabbi]]s who lead the ...the chasidim he was appointed as the Town Rabbi (ABD) of Ger. He moved to Ger, thus becoming the founding [[rebbe]] of the Gerrer dynasty. During his sev
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  • '''Satmar''' (or '''Satmar Hasidism''' or '''Satmarer [[Hasidic Judaism|Hasidism]]''') (חסידות סאטמאר) is a movement of [[Haredi Judaism|Haredi ...Eliezer|Yisrael Baal Shem Tov]] (1698-1760), founder of [[Hasidic Judaism|Hasidism]].
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  • ...rd for "young dumb sheep"). Indeed, when the movement of [[Hasidic Judaism|Hasidism]] began attracting many followers, the rabbis were once again suspicious th ...the rise of the [[Chabad-Lubavitch]] movement; [[Poland]] which had the [[Ger (Hasidic dynasty)|Gerrer Hasidim]]; [[Galicia (Central Europe)|Galicia]] ha
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