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  • ...hasidic synagogue.jpg|thumb|400px|The hasidic synagogue in Belz, dedicated in 1843]] ...ual rights and duties. The town became home to [[Hasidic Judaism|hasidim]] in the early [[19th century]]. At the beginning of [[World War I]] Belz had 6,
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  • ...ction of [[Jerusalem]], [[Israel]], where he established a community of [[Hasidic Judaism|hasidim]] who are mostly from the original Boston community. ...liamsburg]]. After his death in [[1941]], his son Rav Moshe succeeded him. In [[1943]], Rav Levi Yitzchok became another Bostoner Rebbe and built the [[N
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  • [[Image:Home of the Boyaner Rebbe.jpg|thumb|350px|Home of the Boyaner Rebbe in Boyan]] of a [[Hasidic dynasty]], whose founder was a scion of the [[Ruzhin (Hasidic dynasty)|Ruzhiner]] dynasty. The dynasty began with Rabbi [[Yitzchok Friedm
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  • ...umb|400px|Rabbi [[Avraham Mordechai Alter]] with his entourage vacationing in Europe.]] ...oland and possibly the largest hasidism in the world. It is now based in [[Jerusalem]]. The [[rabbi]]s who lead them have the family name of Alter. The founder
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  • [[Image:Dushinsky334342.JPG|thumb|200px|Grand Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Dushinsky in his later years]] [[Hungary]]. However, the Dushinsky dynasty truly became a dynasty in [[Jerusalem]], where it is centered today.
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