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  • ...for "gathering" or "union"]), is a [[Haredi Judaism|Haredi]] [[Jew]]ish [[communal]] [[organization]] in the [[United States]] loosely affiliated with the int ...g [[Torah Judaism]] in North America. Not all [[Hasidic Judaism|Hasidic]] Jewish groups are affiliated with Agudath Israel. For example, the Hasidic group [
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  • of several Haredi groups. It provides all the facilities required by a Jewish community, including [[kashrus]], [[mikva]]s, an [[eruv]] and rabbinical de ...ert through the Edah HaChareidis (like converts through all non-government organizations), are not recognized as Jews by the state for the purpose of obtaining Isra
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  • ...ginning of [[World War I]] Belz had 6,100 inhabitants, of which 3,600 were Jewish. ...ire and then by dynamite, they were unsuccessful. Finally they conscripted Jewish men to take the building apart, brick by brick.
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