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  • ...or '''Chareidi Judaism''' is the most theologically conservative form of [[Orthodox Judaism]].<ref>Hamodia (English edition)—spelling of 'Chareidi'</ref> A f ...Written and Oral Torah, and because of their rejection of [[halakhic]] (or Jewish legal) precedent as binding.
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  • ...g [[Torah Judaism]] in North America. Not all [[Hasidic Judaism|Hasidic]] Jewish groups are affiliated with Agudath Israel. For example, the Hasidic group [ ...he [[Knesset]] (Israel's parliament). In Israel, Degel and Agudah are in a political coalition called [[United Torah Judaism]] (UTJ).
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  • ...tical party]] in [[Israel]], primarily representing [[Haredi Judaism|Ultra-orthodox]] [[Sephardi Jews|Sephardi]] and [[Mizrahi Jews|Mizrahi]] [[Judaism]]. The ...on (Israel)|National Union]], for not being Zionist enough, in response to parties such as [[Kadimah]] and [[Labor Party (Israel)|Labor]], in such coalition d
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  • ...Israel]]i [[Haredi Judaism|ultra-orthodox]] [[Politics of Israel|political parties]] in the [[Knesset]]. It was first formed in [[1992]]. The two parties have not always agreed with each other about policy matters, however, over
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  • ...Jews|Ashkenazi]] [[Haredi Judaism]] [[List of political parties in Israel|political party]] with a small number of seats (2-3) in the [[Knesset]], Israel's nat ...rties compete against each other, but they frequently join forces within a political alliance called [[United Torah Judaism]] (UTJ) (''Yahadut HaTorah'' in Hebr
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  • ...vivial due to the [[Hasidic]] movement, but it included participation from Orthodox Jewry throughout Europe. ...l wing of the movement, was [[Harry Goodman]], publisher and editor of ''[[Jewish Weekly]]''. He played a key part in maintain Agudist organization through [
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  • ...ief rabbi]] of [[Israel]] and the current spiritual leader of the [[Shas]] political party in the [[Knesset]] (Israel's parliament). He is highly revered in the ...heir [[conversion to Judaism]] was not in compliance with to [[Halakha]] ("Jewish law").
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