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With the aid of Previous Versions and with constant consultation of Jewish Authorities. Philadelphia

The Jewish Publication Society of America. Copyright © 1917, By The Jewish Publication Society of America

This English Language translation of the Tenach is designed to be referenced by other online internet works. Using the following guidelines, any internet document can provide access to source quotations, cross-references and citations. For more information, including how you can help in this effort please write Benyamin Pilant, bpilant@breslov.com


The PRINTED copy of the JPS is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN

The ELECTRONIC copy of JPS is copyright to, Mr. Larry Nelson, Box 2083, Rialto, CA 92376. It is used with permission provided:

  • Mr. Nelson's copyright appears on every page, along with a notice of the changes which have been made.
  • This version is not to be distributed commercially in any way, without first obtaining a license from Mr. Nelson, either in the Electronic Edition of the JPS which he produced or any derived version, which includes any changes that may have been made.

The HTML version is based on Mr Larry Nelson's Electronic version, with the following changes. These portions are copyright Benyamin Pilant, 1894 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA, 02146.

  • The text has been converted to HTML for easy referencing
  • Cross references to Hebrew, Aramaic, Living Torah and Modern Hebrew have been added.
  • The name of G-d has been written hyphenated, in accordance with modern Orthodox Jewish publishing practice. (To minimize the desecration of G-d's name by throwing papers, with His Name written, into the trash. To keep the fully spelled version of His Name separate and Holy).
  • The name of L-RD has been written as HaShem, also in accordance with modern Orthodox Jewish publishing practice.