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This website contains resources for the Anglo-Hareidi community, as well as resources for those wishing to learn about or become part of that community. Hareidi or Chareidi Judaism is the most theologically conservative form of Orthodox Judaism. A follower of Hareidi Judaism is called a Hareidi (Hareidim in the plural). Hareidi (חֲרֵדִי) is derived from charada (fear, anxiety), which could be interpreted as "one who trembles in awe of G-d" (cf. Isaiah 66:2,5). Hareidi Jews, like other Orthodox Jews, consider their belief system and religious practices to extend in an unbroken chain back to Moses and the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. As a result, they consider non-Orthodox denominations to be unjustifiable deviations from authentic Judaism, both because of other denominations' doubts concerning the divine revelation of the Written and Oral Torah, and because of their rejection of halakhic (or Jewish legal) precedent as binding. Despite this, any child born of a halakhically Jewish mother is still considered Jewish.

Recent Additions to the Library

See main page Recent Additions to the Library

Rabbi Eliyah Benamozegh's Israël et L'Humanité

Rabbi Eliyah Benamozegh's Israël et L'Humanité, Online Text, has been added to the library. An entirely new English edition Israel and Humanity is also available. This work is Rabbi Benamozegh 1914 edition which contains 50% more material than the 1961 French Edition, or the 1994 translation into English.

מבוא התלמוד, Zvi Hirsch Chajes (Maharatz Chayut), 1805-1855

Zvi Hirsch Chajes (Maharatz Chayut) classical work מבוא התלמוד, Online Text, which introduces complete orthodox, yet modern methods judicial rigour, in an exposition of the Oral Law. Maharatz Chayut was one of the pioneers of the systematic study of the Oral Law. His publication was to assist both students, to whom the text itself presents difficulties, and scholars who need further interpretation of its meaning and structure as the foundation of the Rabbinic legal system.

Jewish Publication Society Bible

The Jewish Publication Society Bible, 1917 version, Online Text, updated and amended according to modern Orthodox Jewish publishing practice. Cross references to Hebrew, Aramaic, Living Torah and Modern Hebrew are being added. The name of G-d has been written hyphenated, in accordance with modern Orthodox Jewish publishing practice. (To minimize the desecration of G-d's name by throwing papers, with His Name written, into the trash. To keep the fully spelled version of His Name separate and Holy). The name of L-RD has been written as HaShem, also in accordance with modern Orthodox Jewish publishing practice.

Learning Resources

Hebrew English Linear Translations of important works

Automatic Translation Software that "learns". For Biblical and Mishnaic Hebrew, Aramaic, and "70 other languages"'s Internet Filter - free internet filter based on lo sasuru, a valuable tool in the search for Kosher Internet.


  • Hareidi College - an online High Tech degree program
  • Directories of "hareidi friendly" degree and certificate programs

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Groups of rabbinical leaders (including Rebbes of Hasidic dynasties)

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