Bamidbar 17

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Bamidbar (Book of Numbers), Chapter 17

'"`UNIQ--named-00000000-QINU`"'16 And HaShem spoke unto Moses, saying:

'"`UNIQ--named-00000001-QINU`"'17 'Speak unto the children of Israel, and take of them rods, one for each fathers' house, of all their princes according to their fathers' houses, twelve rods; thou shalt write every man's name upon his rod.

'"`UNIQ--named-00000002-QINU`"'18 And thou shalt write Aaron's name upon the rod of Levi, for there shall be one rod for the head of their fathers' houses.

'"`UNIQ--named-00000003-QINU`"'19 And thou shalt lay them up in the tent of meeting before the testimony, where I meet with you.

'"`UNIQ--named-00000004-QINU`"'20 And it shall come to pass, that the man whom I shall choose, his rod shall bud; and I will make to cease from Me the murmurings of the children of Israel, which they murmur against you.'

'"`UNIQ--named-00000005-QINU`"'21 And Moses spoke unto the children of Israel; and all their princes gave him rods, for each prince one, according to their fathers' houses, even twelve rods; and the rod of Aaron was among their rods.

'"`UNIQ--named-00000006-QINU`"'22 And Moses laid up the rods before HaShem in the tent of the testimony.

'"`UNIQ--named-00000007-QINU`"'23 And it came to pass on the morrow, that Moses went into the tent of the testimony; and, behold, the rod of Aaron for the house of Levi was budded, and put forth buds, and bloomed blossoms, and bore ripe almonds.

'"`UNIQ--named-00000008-QINU`"'24 And Moses brought out all the rods from before HaShem unto all the children of Israel; and they looked, and took every man his rod.

'"`UNIQ--named-00000009-QINU`"'25 And HaShem said unto Moses: 'Put back the rod of Aaron before the testimony, to be kept there, for a token against the rebellious children; that there may be made an end of their murmurings against Me, that they die not.'

'"`UNIQ--named-0000000A-QINU`"'26 Thus did Moses; as HaShem commanded him, so did he.

'"`UNIQ--named-0000000B-QINU`"'27 And the children of Israel spoke unto Moses, saying: 'Behold, we perish, we are undone, we are all undone.

'"`UNIQ--named-0000000C-QINU`"'28 Every one that cometh near, that cometh near unto the tabernacle of HaShem, is to die; shall we wholly perish?'

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