Bereishis 18

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Bereishis (Book of Genesis), Chapter 18

'"`UNIQ--named-00000000-QINU`"'1 And HaShem appeared unto him by the terebinths of Mamre, as he sat in the tent door in the heat of the day;

'"`UNIQ--named-00000001-QINU`"'2 and he lifted up his eyes and looked, and, lo, three men stood over against him; and when he saw them, he ran to meet them from the tent door, and bowed down to the earth,

'"`UNIQ--named-00000002-QINU`"'3 and said: 'My lord, if now I have found favour in thy sight, pass not away, I pray thee, from thy servant.

'"`UNIQ--named-00000003-QINU`"'4 Let now a little water be fetched, and wash your feet, and recline yourselves under the tree.

'"`UNIQ--named-00000004-QINU`"'5 And I will fetch a morsel of bread, and stay ye your heart; after that ye shall pass on; forasmuch as ye are come to your servant.' And they said: 'So do, as thou hast said.'

'"`UNIQ--named-00000005-QINU`"'6 And Abraham hastened into the tent unto Sarah, and said: 'Make ready quickly three measures of fine meal, knead it, and make cakes.'

'"`UNIQ--named-00000006-QINU`"'7 And Abraham ran unto the herd, and fetched a calf tender and good, and gave it unto the servant; and he hastened to dress it.

'"`UNIQ--named-00000007-QINU`"'8 And he took curd, and milk, and the calf which he had dressed, and set it before them; and he stood by them under the tree, and they did eat.

'"`UNIQ--named-00000008-QINU`"'9 And they said unto him: 'Where is Sarah thy wife?' And he said: 'Behold, in the tent.'

'"`UNIQ--named-00000009-QINU`"'10 And He said: 'I will certainly return unto thee when the season cometh round; and, lo, Sarah thy wife shall have a son.' And Sarah heard in the tent door, which was behind him.--

'"`UNIQ--named-0000000A-QINU`"'11 Now Abraham and Sarah were old, and well stricken in age; it had ceased to be with Sarah after the manner of women.--

'"`UNIQ--named-0000000B-QINU`"'12 And Sarah laughed within herself, saying: 'After I am waxed old shall I have pleasure, my lord being old also?'

'"`UNIQ--named-0000000C-QINU`"'13 And HaShem said unto Abraham: 'Wherefore did Sarah laugh, saying: Shall I of a surety bear a child, who am old?

'"`UNIQ--named-0000000D-QINU`"'14 Is any thing too hard for HaShem. At the set time I will return unto thee, when the season cometh round, and Sarah shall have a son.'

'"`UNIQ--named-0000000E-QINU`"'15 Then Sarah denied, saying: 'I laughed not'; for she was afraid. And He said: 'Nay; but thou didst laugh.'

'"`UNIQ--named-0000000F-QINU`"'16 And the men rose up from thence, and looked out toward Sodom; and Abraham went with them to bring them on the way.

'"`UNIQ--named-00000010-QINU`"'17 And HaShem said: 'Shall I hide from Abraham that which I am doing;

'"`UNIQ--named-00000011-QINU`"'18 seeing that Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation, and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in him?

'"`UNIQ--named-00000012-QINU`"'19 For I have known him, to the end that he may command his children and his household after him, that they may keep the way of HaShem, to do righteousness and justice; to the end that HaShem may bring upon Abraham that which He hath spoken of him.'

'"`UNIQ--named-00000013-QINU`"'20 And HaShem said: 'Verily, the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and, verily, their sin is exceeding grievous.

'"`UNIQ--named-00000014-QINU`"'21 I will go down now, and see whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it, which is come unto Me; and if not, I will know.'

'"`UNIQ--named-00000015-QINU`"'22 And the men turned from thence, and went toward Sodom; but Abraham stood yet before HaShem.

'"`UNIQ--named-00000016-QINU`"'23 And Abraham drew near, and said: 'Wilt Thou indeed sweep away the righteous with the wicked?

'"`UNIQ--named-00000017-QINU`"'24 Peradventure there are fifty righteous within the city; wilt Thou indeed sweep away and not forgive the place for the fifty righteous that are therein?

'"`UNIQ--named-00000018-QINU`"'25 That be far from Thee to do after this manner, to slay the righteous with the wicked, that so the righteous should be as the wicked; that be far from Thee; shall not the judge of all the earth do justly?'

'"`UNIQ--named-00000019-QINU`"'26 And HaShem said: 'If I find in Sodom fifty righteous within the city, then I will forgive all the place for their sake.'

'"`UNIQ--named-0000001A-QINU`"'27 And Abraham answered and said: 'Behold now, I have taken upon me to speak unto the L-rd, who am but dust and ashes.

'"`UNIQ--named-0000001B-QINU`"'28 Peradventure there shall lack five of the fifty righteous; wilt Thou destroy all the city for lack of five?' And He said: 'I will not destroy it, if I find there forty and five.'

'"`UNIQ--named-0000001C-QINU`"'29 And he spoke unto Him yet again, and said: 'Peradventure there shall be forty found there.' And He said: 'I will not do it for the forty's sake.'

'"`UNIQ--named-0000001D-QINU`"'30 And he said: 'Oh, let not the L-rd be angry, and I will speak. Peradventure there shall thirty be found there.' And He said: 'I will not do it, if I find thirty there.'

'"`UNIQ--named-0000001E-QINU`"'31 And he said: 'Behold now, I have taken upon me to speak unto the L-rd. Peradventure there shall be twenty found there.' And He said: 'I will not destroy it for the twenty's sake.'

'"`UNIQ--named-0000001F-QINU`"'32 And he said: 'Oh, let not the L-rd be angry, and I will speak yet but this once. Peradventure ten shall be found there.' And He said: 'I will not destroy it for the ten's sake.'

'"`UNIQ--named-00000020-QINU`"'33 And HaShem went His way, as soon as He had left off speaking to Abraham; and Abraham returned unto his place.

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